Barista Workshop

Learn from a professional Barista how to make that perfect cup of coffee, either on site or in a professional barista studio.


Option: 1

 Barista training held in Cape Town and Johannesburg


  • The coffee master class is a 3 hour course for the home barista. You learn basic product knowledge about coffee such as the coffee growing regions, farming coffee and roasting coffee among others. The course is mainly practical orientated where you will learn about coffee machines, coffee making equipment, how to prepare excellent coffee and cappuccinos as well as milk frothing.

Price: R875 pp


  • The introduction to barista course is a 6 hour course for the aspiring professional barista. The first 3 hours covers basic coffee theory and how to make standard coffee based beverages correctly. The second session of 3 hours focuses on barista art, espresso making and milk frothing techniques. The secret to being a professional barista is consistency and speed, therefore you will practice making the perfect cup of coffee under the guidance of your master barista instructor.

Price: R1540 pp

NB: These prices are subject to change without notice


Option: 2

Barista training on site.

What you can expect:

  • Extracting a perfect espresso
  • Advanced milk texturing technique to get perfect foam
  • How to assemble coffee beverages
  • Basic Latte art principles
  • Basic etching principles
  • Cleaning your espresso machine & grinder

Clients to provide the use of their coffee machine, coffee beans & milk

Different options are available, kindly contact us to discuss your requirements.








Option 2 is currently only available in the Cape Town area.