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About-page-1For the Love of Coffee; that’s what we at Latte Love are all about! We love the ritual and sensory stimulation of grinding the beans, seeing the crema and savouring the smell. Of course we love the taste of coffee too, and especially the taste of our Latte Love blends sourced from the finest beans around the world.

Our strong partnership with our roaster allows us to deliver a premium quality, fresh roast to your doorstep. Having worked in the coffee industry for more than 10 years, we know that’s important to you. But no need to believe us, see what our clients have to say.


“I have been using Latte Love as my only supplier of coffee since its inception. The service is simply superb and the quality of the coffee beans is consistently excellent and well priced. I got to know Cerrigan when she sold me a coffee machine a number of years ago.  Her friendly service was extremely professional and efficient so I was somewhat relieved that her presence in the ‘coffee’ business would continue through Latte Love. Service and quality of such a high standard is rare.”

Kind regards
Alan Drabbe

“Hi Cerrigan,

Thank you for your excellent service.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Kind regards,
Jill van der Lingen”

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With a Whole Latte Love,
Cerrigan and the Latte Love team.